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Testing the waters for interest:

I have been "SageGlassWorks" owner/operator since around the turn of the century (around 2000).

I made all the new fiberglass parts that Fiero Warehouse sold. The Fiero Warehouse has been shut down for a number of years now, but I continued to make parts offered there on a first come first serve basis, communicating with potential customers one on one. It was a "spare time" endeavor for me...sort of a "cottage industry" situation, as I could only attend to business on a very part time basis.

Personal circumstances have made it less and less possible for me to do any of it, and in the last 2-3 years, I have been unable to make much at all.

I'm scouting to find someone interested in either taking over production for a percentage, or buying the mold inventory outright and doing their own "thing" however they choose.

The molds in question are the IRM collection that originally came from DGP, who was contracted by the racing division of Pontiac Motor Sports to build the IMSA wide bodies. Not going to list all the molds involved here and now, but the list includes all the IMSA wide body kit molds among many other "smaller" parts.

I have one interested party already who I'm supposed to talk with this coming weekend (2/25-26) and we'll see where that goes. He seems to have an existing production company already, and looks to make very nice quality parts for the racing industry, and more. Problem with that situation is he is in California, and I am in OH. But we'll see what happens.

Ideally, I would like to find somebody IN Ohio or very near that would be interested in taking over the production of these parts.
As much as you might suspect that there's no interest in buying these parts, I have turned down at least 5 requests for full body kits in the last 18 months. At any rate, suffice to say, there IS interest, though not enough to make a full time living from just these molds, but they sure could add significantly to an already operating glass shop or Fiero specific operation done properly.

So if you've read this far, thanks. If anybody is interested in further info, reply to this post, or contact me via email:
Do you have pictures to share?
First pics (provided they show up here!) that I came across, but I'll keep looking. I know the "group shot" of many of the molds is on this computer somewhere! Not sure if the pics will show or not....have not posted any pics since the new forum was established, and I had a heck of a time on the old one!

Ok, that seems to have worked ok. So I'll go looking for more pics.

Those are pics of the Goodwrench IMSA and the last fastback wide body kit I was able to make for somebody, but that's been a few years ago now. Point is, the molds still produce great parts, and will continue to provided whoever is using them does due diligence pertaining to mold maintenance and proper prep/layup procedure.

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