1966 Vokaro Project Car
Going together.

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(12-10-2022, 11:09 AM)DeathBySnuSnu Wrote: Going together.

Looking really nice. I look forward to seeing the body back on with all the frame painted up.

Great job
(10-20-2022, 08:04 PM)DeathBySnuSnu Wrote:
(10-20-2022, 01:48 PM)brunobalestra Wrote: What engine are you using?

Are those ITBs and stacks custom?

Ok then.....engine is a KL....all aluminum (block and heads) 4 valve per, double double over .

Going by internet lore....as I was not there.
The engine was originally designed by Porsche as a 1.8L 8000rpm screamer.
The design was sold to mazda. They increased the displacement to 2L then later to 2.5L.
Eventually Mazda sold the engine design to Ford. Then they increased the displacement to 3L and lowered the rpm to 6000 and put Edis electronic ignition on it [size=1][color=white]word hurdle[/color][/size]

This one I have is a 2.5L Mazda version (distributor version)

The transmission is the normal Porsche 901 five speed .

Period correct Bosch injection and electronics don't exist.
So the ITB's are Mikuni and ecu is megasquirt.
That's a great compliment. How much of an increase in the length of the back was necessary to accommodate the longitudinal placement of the engine? Instead of the VW's longitudinal engine, I was thinking of building a custom frame in the similar design. Actually, I like your arrangement even better now.... I'm a sucker for any kind of longitudinal arrangement.
The car is almost full beetle length.

The Vokaro body is -15.5 to start with and I put 14 to 15 of that back into it behind the passenger tub.

Pics of the body mods.

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Your chassis is impressive. Love how its taking shape.
More together

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