Ferrari 308 Replica Rebuild
I had many years of history over on the old Madmechanics site but will post a few pics and what I did to the replica over the past 12 years.....

The car was purchased as a non runner in May 2010, with my thoughts of putting maybe 3-6 months into it to clean up a few items and repair a few pieces of the car and then drive it while I continued with the Ferrari 355 project I had on the go. OCD and, well probably stupidity took over, and I ended up going end to end and changing everything on the car. I think the only thing original on the car now is the original Fiero frame but that has been reconfigured somewhat as well.

What it looked like when I towed it home.
........ OK so it seems I can't find my original pictures. Wil update these later.

The car had front end damage and the driveline was in pretty bad shape overall. Pretty dirty and oily so would need a good cleaning. The interior was also pretty much pulled completely out by the previous owner as he had also purchased a Pisa interior package to put in. So I brought everything in to the garage and started taking inventory and seeing what I was going to do.

I would fix the front end damage, replace the rocker skirts with different ones that looked better, sand the lower half of the car as the panels were pretty scratched and beat up and paint it black. Get the driveline cleaned up and running and make a call on the Pisa interior or get an oem Fiero interior pieces and put them back in.

That lasted about 2-3 weeks as I got into the car and saw the other things that just did not make sense to me or needed fixing. Safety first but also other items that just weren't working for me.

I also really do not like the front hood on these fully opening on the Fiero front lid and I wanted to change the front to look more like and original 308. And this is where the wheels really started to fall off and I went in deep.

A few pics of the progression on the front end rebuild. Took moulds of the existing front end and made new panels that were then grafted into the front clip. Took a central shape of the front lid and made a fully custom, from scratch front trunk lid.

Fender tops put on to front clip.
[Image: 308-and-Mustang.jpg]

Custom front trunk lid
[Image: Body-308-Front-Hood-Under-Side-Fiberglass-5.jpg]

[Image: Body-308-Front-Hood-Under-Side-Fiberglass-6.jpg]

The pics above show the front clip up against the original Fiero windshield. I really did not like the look of the flat screen either and while I was building the front end on the 308, I ended up selling my 355 project and had one of the custom Ferrari shaped windscreens that had been made back in the early/mid 2000's. I decided to put the custom screen in as well as it really did make all the difference in the look....

That decision took me on quit ethe adventure of reconfiguring the Fiero HAVC ducting and screen mounting area as well as the front trunk area.

A few pics of the extended screen vs. original front clip shape.

[Image: Body-308-Front-Clip-Before-Cutting-6.jpg]

[Image: Body-308-Front-Clip-Screen-1.jpg]

[Image: Body-308-Front-Clip-Screen-4.jpg]
I needed to then create a new front trunk cowl section with relocated wipers to accommodate the extended screen.

[Image: Body-308-Wipers-New-Locations-3.jpg]

[Image: Body-308-Wipers-New-Locations-5.jpg]
when i first met you in early 200's i recall the 355 you were building. Absolutely love your builds.
Any updates on your build Don? Seems like I remember it was getting close to completion.
Wow it has been way too long to get back to this site. Per my other post, these great forums are starting to go by the way side.

Since my last post over a year ago, I have, indeed finished the replica and it turned out extremely well if I do say so myself.... In the end, 13 years of working on it and not enjoying the driving part, I ended up selling the car to very enthusiastic gentleman in California. The car is in his garage and we keep in touch but it is now in new hands.

I have since moved on to an old TR6 refresh that I could not turn down at the price but it has, as always, turned into more than I originally thought. I had hoped to do the updates needed to get it roadworthy by the summer but I have since separated the frame from the body and found a very cancerous frame underneath. I did know the frame was bad when I bought it (hence the deal I could not refuse) but I have now purchased a new (to me) frame that was supposedly refreshed already and I am now just finishing replacing all the cancerous metal on the new frame.... maybe later in the summer or early Fall I can have my maiden voyage.

I will try to post pics of the 308 to highlight some of the final pics before I put it on the transport to Cali.

A few pics of the replica.

EDIT: OK my files are too large so need to go edit them to reduce. Back soon


Pics reduced to load.

Car ended up looking really good at the end. Interior went together very well also.

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Looks Great, the attention to detail shines. Very well done.

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