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F40 1:1 replica - picture heavy - JD Customs - 10-27-2022

[Image: OBsunuE.jpg]

[Image: K23s1x8.jpg]

[Image: PbtUsNO.jpg]

[Image: VHMY6nz.jpg]

[Image: tkLYs0g.jpg]

[Image: 8ps44RT.jpg]

[Image: mibmb35.jpg]

[Image: 0kvZNix.jpg]

[Image: 8LY6Rlm.jpg]

[Image: b6I7DWk.jpg]

RE: F40 1:1 replica - JD Customs - 10-27-2022

[Image: urnGrEO.jpg]

[Image: Nz6sqnE.jpg]

[Image: 5iFEg04.jpg]

[Image: MaeFe0a.jpg]

[Image: 4aMO6rs.jpg]

[Image: uEZ0Ry6.jpg]

[Image: 5Eqk9Xd.jpg]

RE: F40 1:1 replica - picture heavy - blown302sleeper - 01-23-2023

Looks awesome. Do you have any pictures with the LM front clip?

RE: F40 1:1 replica - picture heavy - Saul_Goodman - 02-03-2023

Looking good. Looks like you have pretty well everything to get setup very nicely.
What is the best way to contact you for purchase?

RE: F40 1:1 replica - picture heavy - brunobalestra - 02-13-2023

Hey, man!

Looking pretty good!
What kind of suspension are you using? Are you fabricating both front and rear?
If so, would you share the suspension geometry?
I'm designing a car from scratch and I'm now researching suspension, both front and rear.
I realize the geometry must be suited to the chassis, it's weight and weight distribution but any references can be a huge help!

Best regards,

Bruno Balestra