Full Version: Anyone else dirt drag?
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Or am I the only full blooded red neck here?
This looks like it would be wild to watch in person! You do this?
(10-18-2022, 02:17 AM)The Boss Wrote: [ -> ]This looks like it would be wild to watch in person! You do this?

It is NOT me driving
This is a our shop belongs to my little shop/company. Yes I am one of the owners. It is paid for by my shop, and yes I wrench on it along with my men and the other owners of the shop.

I am old (in my 60's) I do not race least that is what I thought until I bought this altered on race

One of my younger men drives the car. This is his first racing experience.......and I put him in a couple thousand HP car. But he is learning.

I raced in several different things when young.
But mostly was a builder.

The last organized racing I was involved with was when my youngest daughter wanted to race. She raced dirt oval track for a while. She never did like all the rubbing......then one night someone got flipped in front of her. She lost interest after that and got more into school. Jumped to a stem prep school then off to college. I have pics somewhere of all that.